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Backend engineer
14 Years EPAM
Ukraine Fluent
$6100-$6600/month ($35-$38/hour)
"Igor is a highly experienced developer with 14 years of experience in the field. He is advanced in several stacks, including CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJs, C#, and .NET, and has been using Docker for five years. Additionally, he has three years of experience with Golang. With excellent English skills, Igor is a valuable asset for any team."
C# .Net Angular.js Golang HTML5 JavaScript
Frontend engineer
4 Years Abbott
Uganda Fluent
$5000-$5400/month ($28-$31/hour)
"Kimera has been working for 4 years with expertise in various tech stacks such as React, TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB, and Java. He has advanced skills in HTML/CSS and Sass and is an expert in stack React for 4 years. With her fluent English communication skills, he brings a wealth of experience to any development team."
React Node.js Java Redux TypeScript GraphQL
Fullstack engineer
4 Years Genome Digital
Brazil Fluent
$6200-$6700/month ($35-$38/hour)
"Carlos is an experienced full-stack engineer proficient in various technologies, including React, GraphQL, and Spring Boot. He has led the development of clients' websites and worked on systems and websites for different companies, both Front and Back-end. Carlos has also delivered customized projects and redesigned e-commerce websites using Magento PWA Studio."
React TypeScript JavaScript Redux Node.js REST API
Frontend engineer
5 Years Codeferns
India Fluent
$4400-$4800/month ($25-$27/hour)
"Supinder is an experienced front-end engineer with advanced skills in various stacks such as React, Angular, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. They have worked on multiple projects in the iGaming and tech industry, building and managing tech teams, and ensuring payment security and user experience. Supinder is adept at both full-stack and front-end development, having created custom websites, mock tests, score modules, and platforms from scratch."
Angular 2 React Typescript HTML5 JavaScript
Ruby Engineer
10 Years Fidelity
China Fluent
$7400-$8000/month ($42-$45/hour)
"Zhuping is an experienced full-stack engineer with expertise in a wide range of technologies, including Ruby, PHP, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Docker. With over 10 years of experience and a proven track record of successful project delivery, Zhuping has a talent for Biz requirements analysis, tech design and solutions, and team management. Zhuping is also highly skilled in Scrum methodologies, proficient in communication with stakeholders, and has received numerous awards for exceptional performance."
Ruby on Rails PHP Node.js MongoDB ExpressJS
Backend engineer
11 Years Bytedance
China Fluent
$7100-$7700/month ($40-$44/hour)
"Jian is an experienced and expert software engineer with advanced skills in Laravel, Docker and Golang. He has over 11 years of experience working on various backend projects and has led the development of multiple high-profile projects, including a content ingestion system from scratch. Jian has also successfully managed teams and coordinated with stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery."
Golang PHP Angular.js MongoDB Redis
Backend engineer
5 Years IBM
Mexico Fluent
$6000-$6500/month ($34-$37/hour)
"Maximiliano is a highly skilled Backend Engineer with 5 years of experience, including 2 years working remotely. He has worked for IBM as a Software Developer and has experience in MEAN and MERN stack, Python, Bash, and Java. Maximiliano has also worked as a freelance Web Developer and has experience in PHP, MERN, and MEAN stack, as well as in project management software such as TRELLO, SLACK, and JIRA."
Python Angular React Django TypeScript
Mobile engineer
9 Years ArcTouch
Brazil Fluent
$6800-$7300/month ($39-$41/hour)
"Bruno is a highly experienced mobile engineer who has worked remotely for the past four years. He has a strong background in Android development, including managing teams and guiding them through technology stacks to achieve company goals. Bruno has also been involved in mentoring students and organizing events for the developer community."
React Native Flutter Kotlin Golang Java
IBM Baidu Amazon ByteDance Alibaba Tencent Airben
  • Bilingual TPMs

    Experienced bilingual TPMs (technical project managers) as part of every remote team to help facilitate communication and coordination, reducing internal management overhead.

  • Fully vetted candidates

    All candidates go through extensive vetting in both technical and non-technical areas. Detailed interview reports are available, saving hours on interviewing.

  • AI-powered tools

    Intelligent tools to facilitate both real-time and asynchronous communication and coordination across all working timezones and languages.

Access untapped
global talent

Over half of global engineering talent are inaccessible by US companies. TalentOrg allows companies to hire and manage across timezones and languages, accessing amazing talents at great rates.

Software-assisted team management

Assembling a great remote team is just the beginning.
TalentOrg helps remote teams to be continually productive and effective.

  • Team dashboard

    The team dashboard aggregates information from internal and external data sources to provide a clear overview of project and team status.

    TalentOrg Tasks TalentOrg Tasks
  • Gantt charts and daily reports

    Each member’s tasks are transparently displayed in the Gantt chart. Daily report summarizes everyone’s progress and surfaces any issues.

    TalentOrg Tasks TalentOrg Tasks
  • Virtual office space

    The Virtual Office mirrors an offline open office space. Everyone’s screen and online status is displayed and each member is just a click away.

    Virtual Office Virtual Office

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Assembling a great remote team is just the beginning. TalentOrg helps remote teams to be continually productive and effective