Software-assisted remote team management

Metawork is an all-in-one remote team management platform designed to help organizations work efficiently and collaboratively, no matter where team members are located.

Powered by Metawork

Metawork powers all teams hired through the TalentOrg Marketplace, providing a streamlined and efficient way to manage your remote workforce, increasing accountability, trust, and collaboration.
Metawork is also available as a standalone product. We’d love to invite you to join our beta and try Metawork within your own organization.

Benefits of metawork

Increase transparency and accountability

Real-time monitoring and work output quantification features help ensure that team members stay on track and contribute effectively. By providing insights into work patterns and progress, Metawork promotes a culture of responsibility and commitment within remote teams.

Build trust and belonging

Our virtual office experience simulates a physical workspace, allowing team members to feel connected and engaged. By facilitating consistent communication and interaction, Metawork helps create a sense of trust and belonging among remote team members, fostering a more unified and collaborative work environment.

Foster communication and collaboration

Advanced communication tools, such as real-time voice messaging and asynchronous work logs, enable seamless collaboration between remote team members. These features empower teams to work together efficiently, overcoming challenges posed by time differences and ensuring better results.

Key features

Virtual office for your remote team
  • Promoting transparency
    Automatic and accurate status detection (online/away/offline/in meeting)
  • Encouraging collaboration
    Active tasks and schedules for each team member
  • Open culture
    Peek-on-screen to provide work context and open atmosphere
  • Nurturing connection
    Real-time voice and text chat to simulate an in-office experience
Central location to track team progress
  • Streamlined workflow
    Seamless integration with popular third-party apps (Jira, GitLab, etc.)
  • Boosting accountability
    Single dashboard displaying tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities
  • Showcasing achievements
    Visualize team progress through intuitive charts and graphs
  • Balanced workload
    Work saturation insights to prevent burnout and support balance
AI-assisted daily and weekly reporting
  • Efficient transparency
    AI-assisted daily standup reports searchable and readable across the team
  • Informed decisions
    Reports including data from all sources (tasks, time spent, etc.)
  • Continuous improvement
    AI-generated insights to identify patterns and trends in team performance
  • Team success
    Weekly summary reports to keep stakeholders informed and celebrate achievements

Experience the future of remote team management with Metawork.