Benefits of hiring globally

  • Regional talent specializations

    Regional talent specializations

    The US has most of the world’s data scientists while Asia has a large supply of great app developers. A position that’s relatively hard to fill in one region may be abundant in another.

  • Increased talent supply

    Increased talent supply

    Great talent will always be in short supply. Increasing the talent pool means assembling the right team more efficiently, saving both time and cost.

  • Benefits of a 24-hour workforce

    Benefits of a 24-hour workforce

    A 24-hour workforce allows companies to get more done with efficient collaboration between teams. For example, UI designs completed by the US team can be implemented overnight by the Asia team.

Problems that We are solving

Unlocking the world’s talent supply

Sourcing, compliance, payments, and logistics are just some of the hurdles a company faces when hiring remote talent. Timezone and language differences prevent companies from working with the majority of the world’s talents.

We believe in a future where any company can work with a team of great talents from anywhere. We’re solving this through a combination of technology and processes, starting by connecting North American companies with untapped engineering talents in Asia, unlocking two of the world’s most spoken language pairs.

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Helping remote teams succeed

Working with a remote team comes with additional management overhead. Trust, communication, and coordination are common issues preventing teams from reaching their full potential. We help companies manage their remote teams by providing experienced project managers and continually developing best practices.

We build software tools focused on providing transparency and collaboration across the team. We continue to think about the people, processes, and software that together, would be the future of work.

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We are an all-remote team with 30+ members working across US, Europe, and Asia.